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About the Imariisha jamii project

Updated: May 27, 2022

Being one of our complex project yet i.e that encompases a wide variety of activities, its was better if we elaborate on what goes about the projects. Imarisha Jamii project was aimed at developing strategic interventions aimed at reducing the vulnerability of 600 families, enhancing their capacity to cope with the impact of COVID-19 and improve livelihood opportunities in Kilifi County.

These are the objectives involved in project.

To Increase access to the AKFEA-Kenya digital platform based practical

training and mentorship support on entrepreneurship among 80 youth from Kilifi County

by July 2022.

To conduct a rapid needs analysis targeting 600 vulnerable families affected

by COVID-19 in Kilifi County by July 2022 .

To support 600 vulnerable families affected with COVID-19 in Kilifi County by

July 2022

To increase community awareness on COVID-19 in Kilifi County by July 2022

Proposed methodology and approaches that we employ to respond to community emerging needs

Evidence and Research

To increase stock of knowledge on COVID-19, improve the social economic of families

affected by the pandemic, we intend to conduct a rapid needs analysis, and resource

mapping to better understand the different needs, priorities of 600 vulnerable families.

Documentation of needs identified and stories of change are critical to inform the

appropriate interventions to support these families for sustainable development.

Community awareness

To increase and sustain knowledge of COVID-19 prevention, dissemination of accurate

information on COVID-19 and minimised false hold, myths, misconception and beliefs,

communities will be sensitized through radio talks and twitter storms and distribution of

visibility and branding materials including T-shirts and Grafitti.

Media Engagement

Media plays a very significant role in the dissemination of information. We plan to

meaningfully engage the media to disseminate messages on prevention and protection of

members of vulnerable communities from COVID-19.

With the required team already put in place the progresses have also have been made and impact steps also like:

able to identify vulnerable households affected by covid19 in kilifi county, indeed 768 households have already been identified and 600 of those have already been analyzed from the exercise

the project has able to increase youths access to digital trainings with already 25 youths graduates from the first cohort on entrepreneurship and mentorship support programme

and 76 youth graduated from the second cohort

below is a link to our documents about the imarisha jamii project

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1 Comment

Mirasi Adhiambo
Mirasi Adhiambo
Jul 07, 2022

Young girls being empowered in education... that's wonderful 😊

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