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Our Story

The Safe Story

Why We Exist

Girls and young women have early ambitions to excel in their studies, innovative ideas and careers. But as they transition from childhood to puberty, new health concerns arise which crashes their young dreams and aspiration. Just because of being naïve and having low risk perceptions they end up jumping from one wrong decision to another, one risky situation to another leaving them vulnerable to many reproductive health challenges, which include sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, unsafe abortion, school dropout, and drug and substance abuse among others.

In 2017, an adolescent girl aged about 17 years (Zawadi) visited our office. With her clothes torn, she looked very stressed. Tears were running down her cheeks with signs of a person in need of dire help. She was welcomed and after a lengthy conversation with one of our staff, it was evident that she had been sexual exploitation and had pregnancy after failing to report the matter to the relevant authorities before 72 hours.

Zawadi was taken through counselling sessions and linked to our Life skills Program' where she managed to undergo training on decision making, goal setting, leadership skills and personal well-ness. She was linked to our 'Livelihood Program' where she managed to learn about savings, record keeping, fundraising and vocational skills. (tailoring and dressmaking, cake baking and hairdressing). She was provided with a business grant of USD 300 and ventured into a grocery business.


Nine months later (Zawadi) delivered safely to a bouncing baby girl. Zawadi has been generating enough income from her business and is taking care of her daughter who is now 5years. Through our Education Program', Zawadi was supported by motorcycle riders who donated school fees, uniforms, reading materials for her to access quality education. Sustainable development is a societal change and advancing the girls and young women capacity is the cornerstone for it through improved access to quality education and adequate employment opportunities which benefit everyone.

Our Impact

Between the year 2021 and 2022, Safe Community Youth Initiative has transformed lives of 10,000 girls and young women through life skills. We have provided 1,000 young women with livelihood skills to generate income for self-reliance. The organization has engaged motor-cycle operators as champions to donate their time as watchdogs, educate other operators in their villages to refrain from impregnating girls and young women. In our efforts to keep girls and young women in school, motor-cycle operators have donated resources (school uniform, reading materials and school fees) to support 500 girls and young women access quality education in Kenya.

Our Future Plan

Towards curbing the high school drop-out among girls and young women in Kenya, and increasing school enrolment, retention and transition we are inviting collaborators to support us in delivering impact in 3 program areas. We plan to support 5,000 girls and young women access quality education, 20,000 girls and young women will be supported through our livelihood skills; 30,000 girls and young women will be equipped with life skills to prevent them from further sexual exploitation in Kenya.

In 5 years, we want to partner with the Department of Education, Ministry of Health, Department of Trade, local & international organizations and investors to transform the lives of girls and young women.


How You Can Help

1. Champion: You can join our legacy society by sharing our work to friends, families and colleagues to learn more about what we do

2. Invite: You can participate in any of our program to impact on the lives of girls and young women in Kenya

3. Invest: Our funding Goal in 5 years is $1M: You can invite friends and partners to scale up our impact; 

$250K will be used to impact on the lives of 30,000  girls and young women through our Life skills Program

$500K will be utilized to impact on the lives 5,000 girls and young women to access quality education through our Education Program

$250K will be used to impact on the lives of 20,000 girls and young women on employment and employability through our Livelihood progra

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